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Introducing LocusMaps for Smart Campuses

LocusMaps for Smart Campuses delivers an amazing digital experience to staff and visitors, helping them find people, book available meeting spaces, navigate an unfamiliar campus, and leverage data to understand how people are using the facilities.

The customizable solution integrates with your corporate directory and facilities management solution and can be deployed as a mobile web-based directory, on kiosks or interactive signage, and as part of a native mobile app.

  • Increase efficiency for employees, vendors, and visitors
  • Make data-driven decisions around your facilities investments
  • Improve the employee experience and promote digital self-service
  • Leverage a spatial software platform for your future applications
  • Available for
  • Mobile SDK icon Mobile SDK
  • JS SDK icon JS SDK
  • MapsOnline icon MapsOnline
  • MapsOnsite icon MapsOnsite

LocusMaps Features

  • icon interactive maps

    Interactive Maps

    High-fidelity indoor/outdoor maps delivered in an interactive user experience optimized for both beauty and utility.

  • icon room scheduling

    Room Scheduling

    Quickly highlight available conference rooms and book with close proximity to your colleagues. Integrates with your Office 365 or G Suite environment.

  • icon wayfinding


    Receive navigation directions and walking times between any two points on the campus or from your current location.

  • icon search


    Powerful search capabilities for rooms, offices, desk locations, and amenities. Integrates with your corporate directory.

  • icon sharing


    Share your current location with your colleagues or send a deep link to any location within your facility.

  • icon data management

    Data Management

    Ensure everyone is always seeing the current view of your space via standard integration with your facilities management system or using the LocusVMS management tool.

  • icon customize


    Customize the maps and user interface look and feel to match your venue’s branding and design requirements.

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